Invited Lecture by Domestic Specialists






Multi-phase Flow Treatment of Deformable Droplet and Its Rheological Characteristics
(Wayne State University, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. JoonSang Lee, 2009.2.25)

Bacterial Actuation, Sensing and Transport at Micro/Nanoscales
 (Drexel University, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics School of Biomedical Engineering,    Prof. Minjun Kim, 2008.9.22)

Droplet Microfluidics: Playing with Liquid Packets on Chip
 (UCLA, California NanoSystems Institute Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept., Prof. Chang    Jin Kim, 2008.9.10)

Liquid Flows in a Superhydrophobic Microchannel
 (Konkuk University, Aerospace Information Engineering, Prof. Do Young Byun, 2008.7.18)

Dynamics of DNA Molecule in Microfluidic Channels
 (Ajou University, Dept.of Chemical Engineering, Prof. Ju Min Kim, 2008.7.4)

Researches on Electroosmotic Pumping and Mixing
 (Sogang University, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Siyoung Jeong, 2008.5.29 )

Computational and Experimental Studies on Electroosmotic Flows in Nanochannels
(Sogang University, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Daejoong Kim, 2008.5.15)

Electrokinetic Preconcentration and Separation of Proteins in Microfluidic Devices
(Inha University, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Sun Min Kim, 2008.5.1)

Characteristic Behavior of Dendritic Crystal Growth and Anisotropic Surface Energy
 (Dong-A University, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. Jungwan Park, 2007.9.12)

Digital Interferometry for Measurements in Small Channels
 (National Institute of Technology Calicut,India, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. C.B. Sobhan,    2007.8.29)

Laser Applications for the Fabrication of Micro/Nano Structures
 (GIST, Dept.of Mechatronics, Prof. Sungho Jeong, 2007.8.23)

Fluid-Dynamics of Flying and Swimming in Nature
 (Korea Air Force Academy, Dept.of Aerospace Engineering, Prof. Myong Hwan Sohn, 2007.7.19)

Electrochemical Characteristics of Self-Assembled Viologen Derivative and Its
  Application in Biosensor Preparation
(Dong-A University, Dept.of Electrical Engineering & NTRC, Prof. Young Soo Kwon, 2007.6.14)

Disposable Integrated Microfluidic Lab-on-a -Chip for Blood Typing Fabricated by
  Microinjection Molding
(Chung-Ang University, Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dong Sung Kim, 2007.5.25)

Microfluidic Cell Separation
(KAIST, Dept.of Bio and Brain Engineering, Prof. Je Kyun Park, 2007.5.10)

Surface Tension and Flow Control in Micro Fluidics
(Ajou University, Division of Electrical and computer Engineering, Prof. Sang Sik Yang,  2007.5.3)

Microfluidics for Biotechnology
(Chungnam National University, Dept.of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Prof. Chang Soo Lee,     2007.4.26)

Integrated Fluidic Microsystem for Biochemical Analysis
 (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Prof. Sang Ho Lee, 2007.4.26)

Inergrated Micro-Genomic Sample Preparation System with Active Microfluidic System
  Interface Technology
(Inje University, School of Nano Engineering, Prof. Ki Ho Han, 2007.4.19)

Advanced Finite Element Technique for Electroosmotic Flow in Microchnnels 
(NCAR, Ph.D. Hae Won Choi, 2006.5.18 )

Numerical Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Electroosmotic Flow in Micro-and   nanochnnels  
  (Kumoh National Institute of Technology,Prof. Ho Sang Kwak , 2006.5.16 )

Numerical Analysis of turbulent boundary layer around a micro cylinder 
  (Hong-Ik University, Department of Mechanical & System Design Engineering, Prof. Dong Sin Shin,     2006.03.23 )

Lattice Boltzmann Method and its Application 
(Gyeongsang University, Oceanic industrial laboratory,
ProfHo Keun Kang 2006.02.28 )   

Ideal Flow Analysis of Level Set Method
(Sogang University,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Gi Hun Son, 2005.10.07 )  

Measurement Technipues for Microfluidics
(Pusan National University,
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Kyung Chun Kim,    2005.11.20 )  














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