NRL  Short-term course data






Basis of biology and biotechnology
Dong-A University, Professor
uJune Hyung Kim Sun Hee Leem, 2008.12.26,2008.12.29~31 )

Microfluidic Flows and Mixing -Overviews-
Dong-A University, Professor Yong kweon Suh, 2006.02.09~10 )         (PDF, 6.9M)

Lattice Boltzmann Method
(Pusan National University, Professor Man Yeong Ha, 2006.02.09~10 )   

Surface-Tension-Driven Microflows
(Seoul National University, Professor Ho Yeong Kim
, 2006.02.09~10 )

 Electronical basis
  (Dong-A University, Professor Jae Deok Lee , 2006.02.09~10 )         (PDF, 1.8M)

 Fundamentals of Electrokinetics in Microfluidics
(Dong-A University, Professor Sangmo Kang, 2006.02.09~10 )         (PDF, 1.6M)

 Analysis of Three-Dimensional Density Distributions for Unsteady and Asymmetric Flow   Using Visualization Technique
(Sungkyunkwan University 
, Professor Han Seo Ko, 2006.02.09~10 )

 Advancement And Challenges in Micro/Nano-Scale Visualization Techniques
(Tennessee University, Professor Kenneth D. Kihm, 2006.02.09~10 )













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