Micro flow / mixing Basis theory and Connection data






A New Wave of Microfluidic Devices (PDF, 309K)
(Yong Kweon Suh, The Korean Society of Visualization paper, Vol.3, No.1, (2005) 43~46)

Fundamentals of Elementary Electricity for the Microfluidics (PDF, 5.6M)
(Yong Kweon Suh, Semina datar in summer vacation, 2005.06.28 )

Fundamentals of General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry for Microfluidic Study
(Yong Kweon Suh , Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.07.18 )        (PDF, 2.36M)

Fundamentals of Electrochemistry for Microfliud Study (PDF, 0.77M) 
(Sangmo Kang, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.07.25) 

Fabrication Method of Metal Electrodes in the Micro Channels (PDF, 0.3M) 
(Ja Ryuk Lee, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.07.25)

Fundamentals of Level Set Method (PDF, 3.5M)
(Jae Hyeon Park, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.07.29)

Electroosmosis & Magneto hydro dynamics Mixer CFD analysis using CFD-ACE
(Jong Hyeon Jeong, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.07.29)      (PDF, 0.64M)

Flow Control in a Microchannel by localized Potential Variation at Wall
(Hyeong Seok Heo, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.08.08)         (PDF, 0.44M)

Simulation of Water Flows in Multiple Columns with Small Outlets (PDF, 0.7M)
(Ja Ryuk Lee, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.08.08)

The Rotating Flows in a Rectangular Container Using a Non-Linear
   Ekman Pumping Model

(Jae Hyeon Park, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.08.12)                    (PDF, 1.05M)

Electroosmosis CFD analysis using CFD-ACE  (PDF, 0.6M)
(Jong Hyeon Jeong, Seminar in summer vacation, 2005.08.12)










Other Data





Korea Research Foundation 2002 Researcher support "Horizontal Vortex flow" Research  Result (PDF, 8.5M)

MPI data (Dong-A University, Depart.Mechanical Engineering Graduate School,  CFD   Lesson Data) (PDF, 14.3M)

"Hydraulic Control Engineering"(Author  Yong Kweon Suh) Fortran Source File (ALZ, 10K)












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