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Micro-/Nano Scale Fluidics and Energy Transport Lab.

UCLA Micro Systems Lab

MicroSystems and BioMEMS Lab at University of Cincinati

Computational MEMS- Nanotechnology

CU MEMSweb MEMS Research at University of Colorado at Boulder

Microtechnology Medicine and Biology

Stanford Micro Structures & Sensors Lab

The MASS Group at UIUC.

Welcome to the MEMS Lab at the University of Central Florida








Foreign countries MEMS Connection





BYU Integrated Microelectronics Laboratory

Caltech Engineering Design Research Laboratory

Caltech Micromachining Lab

Micromanufacturing Laboratory - UCLA

Center for MEMS and Microsystem Technologies - Georgia

Dr Judy's MEMS Laboratory - UCLA

Microfabrication Application Laboratory

Maryland MEMS Lab

MEMS Lab. Carnegie Mellon University

MEMS Resource at CWRU


Microsystems Packaging Research Center

Microsystems Technology Laboratories

NanoStructures Lab


Stanford Microscale Heat Transfer Lab

The Shannon Group at the University of Illinois

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MEMS


Fujita Laboratory

Sato Laboratory

Kawakatsu Laboratory

Shimoyama Lab

The Stanford Transducers Laboratory

MEMS Laboratory University of Washington

UCI MicroSystems Laboratory University of California

Mechanics of Microscale System Lab

Scanning Probe Microscopy and Micromachining Research Lab






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