Domestic Microfluidcs Connection






 Seoul National Univ.  Turbulence, Flow Control and CFD Lab.

Pohang Univ.(POSTECH)  Advanced Materials Processing Lab.

Pohang Univ.(POSTECH)  Experimental Flow Control& Bio Fluid Lab.

KAIST Flow Control Lab.

Sogang Univ.  MP Lab.

Kyungpook National Univ.  Fluid & Rheology Lab.

 Seoul National Univ.  Micro/Bio Flow Lab.

 Ajou Univ.  Micro Systems Lab.

Andong National Univ.  MEMS Lab.











Domestic MEMS Connection





 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

 LG Electronics MEMS Group

 Intelligent Microsystem Center

 The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineerings MEMS Research Group

 Seoul National Univ. Micro Thermal System Lab.

 Seoul National Univ. Nano-Mechanics and Micro-Reliablity Lab.

 KAIST Immediate Microsystem Lab.

 KAIST Nanosystem Lab.

 KIST Microsystem Research Center

 Yonsei Univ. MEMS Lab.

 Pusan National Univ. MEMS Lab.

Pusan National Univ.  Next Generation MEMS Lab.

 MEMS & NanoPhotonics Lab.

 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute S/W & Content Research Lab.












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